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How do I become a membership with DentistryKey?

How do I become a membership with DentistryKey?

Register and become a membership with DentistryKey to take advantage of the below features:

  • Access to UNLIMITED articles.
  • Enthusiastic support from Dentistrykey team.


Follow these steps to create your user profile/personal account:

  1. Go to DentistryKey.
  2. On the home page menu, select ‘Membership’ in the upper-right of the screen.
    • If you are already on the Log In page, click ‘Register’ which can be found below the ‘Log in’ button.
  3. Choose a membership plan that’s right for you.
    • Gold membership is the most recommended choice.
  4. Enter a username (your email address).
    • Your email address is your username unless you had a prior account, in which case we will alert you to this. The email address you choose for your username cannot exceed 50 characters.
      Please note: Your username is case sensitive.
  5. Enter a chosen password.
    • Your password does not require the use of special characters.
    • Your password must be between 5 and 20 characters long.
      Please note: Your password is case sensitive.
  6. Complete your purchase.
    • Currently we only accept payment for DentistryKey orders via Paypal, Credit or Debit card.
    • If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us.

After completing these steps:

  • Congratulation. You have become a membership DentistryKey.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
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